Jim Watt

I’m interested in an alternative relationship to difference. My work plays with what happens when we invite opposites to the party and join wholeheartedly in the conversations that result - JW

Jim Watt is an American artist and architect who believes that painting, sculpture, and architecture are not exclusive domains. He approaches his work with the conviction that form, space, material, texture, color, and light are shared languages that transcend the medium.  He studied at Temple and Princeton Universities under students of Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto, Luis Kahn, and other pillars of modernism who expressed their ideas in a variety of art forms.

At age 8, Jim was taught perspective drawing, which triggered a lifelong fascination with the two-dimensional representation of space and form. Watt grew up designing and crafting furniture, gadgets, and sculpture in the family woodshop; the instinct to create with his hands is something that has never left him. The spirit of a workshop – the play, the exploration, the process – is at the heart of his work: ideas that reveal themselves only through the making.

Central to his work in painting and drawing is a play of opposites. The relationships between representation and abstraction, interior and exterior, figure and ground are explored in all their nuance and complexity rather than reduced.

Jim’s studio is a restored barn on his property in Burlington, New Jersey.

For more information about Jim Watt and his works, please see www.jimwatt.org.

Jim Watt retains the copyright to all of his artworks. For permission to reproduce his artworks, contact Artists Rights Society at info@arsny.com or (212) 420-9160.

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