Judith Rayl

Judith's photography career began in 2017. Realization of Nature’s inherent capacity for healing inspired her appreciation of art as a vital force for wellbeing. She now presents images of the harmony seen at the convergence of Nature & the human-made.
At this confluence of ecology & urban life lies a vivid still-point of connection & possibility. Her artistic methodology of single-capture abstract photography uses no double images nor filtering. In her images, artifacts & objects are softened by their contact with Nature.  
The contemporaneity of her art veritably translates to our current societal upheaval.  It is a statement of sensitivity to the pain caused by our collective suffering rooted in social & environmental crises.
She is a physician; her medical practice centered on valuing individual healing & empathy.  She retired from medicine to share the consolation & abundance offered by art with the broader community.
For further information about her art, and for purchase of her limited edition hand-signed and numbered photographs, visit Judith Rayl.

A portion from sales of products featured in the Judith Rayl collection is paid back to the artist.

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