Roma Osowo

Roma Osowo is an abstract artist. She paints primarily in water-based media, including but not limited to acrylics, enamels, inks and oil pastels to create her works. You will find a lot of blues and variations of teal and turquoise in her work, as they remind her of the ocean she grew up seeing daily, being born and raised in the British Virgin Islands. 

Her work exists between her love for and use of the rich and vibrant colors represented in her West Indian heritage, and the expression of joy she aspires to evoke, as a result of her deeply rooted faith. 

She decided to become a full-time artist in 2017, but she have been painting and exploring other creative outlets most of her life. Her strongest inspirations are Wassily Kandinsky and Joan Mitchell. 

She enjoys pushing the boundaries of vibrant color, pattern and line work in her paintings, as she feels they represent a cross section of the expression of joy, our connectedness, and tendencies to repeat patterns as humans. Art for her is a vessel to express the freedom and joy she experiences in her faith and is a form of worship. Her desire is for those who connect to her work to feel a sense of joy, hope and belonging when they see it.

A portion from sales of products featuring works in the Roma Osowo collection is paid back to the artist. Contact the artist at Roma Osowo Artworks for details about commissions and sales of original works.

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